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Golden hued, with a nose that is reminiscent of orange cake, orange peel and spice. The palate is vigorously sweet and citrus driven, mingled with warming cognac.

Ultimate Spirits Challenge
January 2013

Floral and rich, this Cognac-based amber liqueur has an orange peel and honeysuckle scent and a vanilla-honey flavor spiked with cinnamon plus a rich Sauternes-like undertone. Although this lovely liqueur would blend well into a broad spectrum of cocktails, why stop at drinks? The spirit maker says the product also is endorsed by a growing number of pastry chefs for flavoring cakes, crepes and more.

Wine Enthusiast
February 2012

A fantastic example of a classic liqueur. The cognac shines through and offers caramel and earth to balance out decadent orange and blossom. Equally balanced on the palate, orange pith and honey-baked nuts persist backed by hints of cocoa.

Ultimate Spirits Challenge
March 2018

Consider this full-flavored, relatively sweet liqueur for the dessert table. The golden liquid with orange highlights is scented with a mix of vanilla and candied orange peel. The viscous palate shows lots of vanilla and maple, exiting with orange peel and cinnamon heat.

Wine Enthusiast
September 2019
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