April 7, 2017

Palm Bay International Introduces Infiné 1939 A Tribute to David S. Taub’s Life and Legacy

(April 2017) – Leading U.S. wine and spirits importer Palm Bay International is delighted to introduce Infiné 1939 Pinot Grigio – an ultra-premium wine sourced from high-altitude vineyard sites in Trentino’s Dolomite Alps. Marc D. Taub, president and CEO of Palm Bay International, partnered with prestigious Italian winemaker Carlo Ferrini to create a Pinot Grigio at its highest expression to honor his father, and company founder, David S. Taub’s extraordinary life and achievements.

Infine 1939David became known as “the father of Pinot Grigio™” after introducing Americans to the then little known grape in the late 1970s under the Cavit brand and continued working throughout his life to ensure it grew into the number one Italian wine in the country. His efforts proved invaluable to the success of the Pinot Grigio category and to Palm Bay. Infiné 1939 is the culmination of David’s vision. The name Infiné means “at last” in Italian, signifying that a pinnacle in Pinot Grigio has been reached and also alluding to the infinite, the endless possibilities obtainable when striving to achieve the best, a mindset David embraced enthusiastically throughout his life. Infiné also refers to a timeless linking of generations illustrated by the Taub family’s remarkable wine heritage and 1939 pays homage to David’s birth year. 

Infiné 1939 is produced from 15 and 28-year-old vines identified by the Institute of San Michele, Italy’s premier winemaking school and research center, in two vineyard sites located on opposite sides of Lake Garda situated at the highest possible altitude at which Pinot Grigio can be cultivated. Vines at these altitudes benefit from the rich glacial soils of the Dolomite Alps, which impart the grapes with unparalleled intensity and strong mineral notes. The grapes are harvested entirely by hand and are Infine 1939 At Lastpressed in whole bunches to prevent color extraction from the skins. The wine is produced in steel tanks for a clean crispness, and developed for a minimum of ten months in the bottle before being released.

Additionally, At Last Cuvée Bianco, a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc to which small percentages of Gewürztraminer and Rhine Riesling are added, was created to complement Infiné 1939 Pinot Grigio. Grapes for the ultra-premium, limited production wine are sourced from premium vineyard sites in a valley at the foot of the Dolomite Alps that benefits from the warming breezes of Lake Garda.

Nothing about these wines is ordinary, including their unique bottle design, specially crafted by Italian artisans, featuring an inset label, infinity symbol inlaid in the glass bottom and individually numbered bottles. Every detail of Infiné and At Last is intended to reflect their excellence.

Infiné 1939 Pinot Grigio ($26.00/750ml) and At Last Cuvée Bianco ($49.99/750ml) is available as of April 1 in the following markets: NY, NJ, FL, CA, MA, TX, and IL.


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