March 2, 2016

Lancers Introduces Retro Packaging Inspired by Original Clay Pot Bottles

(March 2016) - Leading US importer Palm Bay International and Portugal’s historic, family-owned José Maria da Fonseca (J.M. da Fonseca), producers of Lancers Rosé and Lancers White, are thrilled to announce a return to the iconic wine’s 1940s era packaging design.

Lancers Bottles


First conceived in 1944 in the vineyards of Portugal, Lancers was originally packaged in highly identifiable, authentic clay pot bottles. The wine first gained popularity amongst American troops returning home from World War II. Eager to celebrate, the soldiers were quick to embrace the wine’s crisp, refreshing style. Lancers remains one of the best recognized imported wines in the United States and, for many Americans, recalls fond memories of their introduction to the world of wine.

Lancers’ new packaging is a modern take on the classic concept, featuring environmentally friendly glass bottles with a plastic sleeve that offers protection from sunlight, helping to preserve the wine’s fresh, fruity character. Line priced with an SRP of $6.99 (750ml), Lancers’ easy drinking, slightly effervescent style makes it an ideal choice to enjoy on its own or paired with a variety of foods.

Lancers’ new packing will debut nationwide this month.


About J.M. da Fonseca:

Established in 1834, family-owned José Maria da Fonseca (J.M. da Fonseca) is one of Portugal’s best-known and most historic wine producers, with vineyard holdings in the country’s most important wine regions, including Douro, Vinho Verde, Setúbal and Alentejo. Located in Azeitão on the Setúbal Peninsula, J.M. da Fonseca winery has been owned and managed by the Soares Franco family for seven generations. Father and son team Antonio Soares Franco, Sr. and Antonio Maria S. Franco, Jr. stand at the helm, together with chief winemaker and vice president Domingos Soares Franco.

About Palm Bay International:

Palm Bay International, a dynamic family-owned company, offers one of the nation’s most comprehensive portfolios of imported wines and spirits, including over 50 suppliers from around the globe. Among Palm Bay’s most valued assets is its remarkable network of long-term partnerships with the foremost wholesale companies in all 50 states, as well as the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. With the crucial collaboration of these partners, Palm Bay’s portfolio is able to meet the needs of every level of the industry, from independent restaurants and retail stores, to chain accounts, supermarkets, hotels, airlines, cruise ships, duty-free accounts and U.S. military bases. This impressive roster of brands, accounts and relationships positions Palm Bay as a major source of fine wines and spirits and an industry leader in the U.S. marketplace. For more visit:

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