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For generations of Americans, Chianti has served as an introduction to Italyís red wines.

Founded by Giulio Straccali in 1925, Straccali has been in the vanguard of progressive Chianti producers. A man of vision, Guilio Straccali sought to communicate through his wines to the
rest of the world the scents, colors and flavors of his beloved Tuscany.

In 1978 the Zingarelli family of the Chianti estate of Rocca delle Macže began a long and
fruitful relationship with Straccali that continues to this day. United by a shared dream set out by Giulio Straccali many decades earlier, the two families have pursued the same objective: to invite the world to discover the tantalizing flavors and colors of Tuscany, using wine as the ambassador. Today Straccali offers two distinctive wines from Tuscany. Its
reputation stands for outstanding quality, exceptional value wines that have earned
accolades from wine critics worldwide.

Production Area
Tuscany, Italy Grapes harvested from vineyards in Tuscanyís Chianti zone, between Florence and Siena. Terrains located at low altitudes (600 to 1,000 feet) in chalky and clay soil.

Grape Varieties
85% Sangiovese; 15% Canaiolo and Merlot.

Hand-picked grapes undergo a temperature-controlled fermentation. After a few months in stainless steel vats, the wine is bottled and released. The intent is to highlight youthful freshness and appeal.

Vibrant ruby red.

Bright, youthful aromas of ripe red fruit.

Velvety and refreshing with good structure.


Serving Suggestions
Serve at room temperature. Enjoy with pastas, poultry and red meats.

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