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Term for a vintage-style port, but blended from several vintages, bottled young and aged in the bottle, forming a crust in the bottle. Needs decanting.


The valley (and River) home to fine Port producers.

Late Bottled Vintage:

Port of a single good vintage kept in wood for twice as long as a single vintage port, therefore lighter when bottled and ageing quicker.


Famous fortified wine, specifically a product of Portugal. Port is a rich ruby-red wine made from several different grape varieties, blended together for complexity.


(Keen-ta): Portuguese for "vineyard estate." In the making of port, the wines are made at the quinta, aged briefly , then shipped down to the city of Vila Nova de Gaia for further blending and aging.


The youngest style of port, usually quite sweet.


Port aged for many years in wood, hence its tawny color.

Vintage Port:

Only produced in outstanding vintages. Bottled after only two years in wood and matures very slowly, for up to 20 years in the bottle. Must be decanted.

Vintage Character:

Somewhat misleading term used for a good-quality full port. Lacks the "nose" of vintage port.