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Alexander Grappa
Grape VarietiesAmarone and Recioto di Amarone
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DescriptionArtistry, energy and ingenuity abound in Alexander Grappas from entrepreneur Sandro Bottega and his family. From the Bottega family facilities near Venice in northeast Italys Veneto region -- the birthplace of grappa -- Alexander Grappas come in a series of sensational hand-blown bottles, each designed by Sandro Bottega and made by local master craftsmen at the familys glass production site. In addition to grappa and glassware, this energetic familys ventures include production of wines and sparkling wines, wine accessories, mineral water, olive oil and organic food.Alexander Grappas are double distilled to a delicate 40 proof and made according to the most exacting standards. The result is a line of elegant, soft, smooth grappas of utmost quality and purity.
VinificationSweet Recioto pomace lends a particularly distinctive quality to Alexander Platinum, which retains a hint of the intensely flavorful grapes left to dry on the vines until the fall.
NoseRichly perfumed; spicy aromas evolve against a faintly bitter, pleasingly harmonious backdrop of dried grapes and cherries.
PalateThe palate is soft, dry and persistent.
AnalysisAlcohol: 60 %
Bottle size
750 ml
Serving SuggestionsServe chilled, on the rocks either neat or with addition of water, soda or tonic