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Alexander Grappa
Grape Varieties100% Prosecco
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Ultimate Spirits Challenge
DescriptionThe ultimate in grappa. Made from 100% Prosecco grapes, Alexander Grappolo has an intense, persistent bouquet of pear, apple, grapes and banana with a well-balanced, soft, palate.
VinificationDouble distillation in copper steam alembic stills preserves the original characteristics of the grape in a light, smooth and pleasant grappa.
NoseA beautiful nose offering scents of pear, apple and banana
PalateThe palate is complex and refreshing, with all of the elements coming together harmoniously
AnalysisAlcohol: 40% %
Bottle size
375 ml, 750 ml
Serving SuggestionsCan be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, in coffee or as cocktail ingredient.