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Late Harvest Torontel
RegionMaule Valle
Grape Varieties100% Torontel
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DescriptionIn 1995 Count Francesco Marone Cinzano, owner of the Col dOrcia estate in Montalcino, Tuscany, decided to expand his production of fine wines to Chile where he foresaw significant potential to produce world-class wines. The vision of Erasmo took Count Cinzano and longtime consultant Maurizio Castelli to Chiles Central Valley, where they finally decided upon the area of Reserva de Caliboro in the Maule Valley with its gently sloping alluvial terraces, intense sunlight, dry southerly winds and optimal rainfall. The highest quality French grape clones were imported from France for this project and the past several years have been spent perfecting vineyard locations, soil exploration, and winemaking techniques. During the harvest of 2006, perhaps by chance, Count Cinzano and Maurizio Castelli stumbled upon a very special vineyard of traditional dry-farmed, low-yield, 60-years-old Torontel vines typical of the Maule Valley area. Late Harvest Torontel represents Castellis idea to recover the original role of the Torontel grape; the role that it fulfilled when it was brought to South America at the beginning of the colony. Cinzano and Castelli decided to replicate the style of the wine that in Italy they called "vino da messa" precisely the kind of wine that Torontel had produced when the first vines of this grape were planted in Chile.
VinificationSelected manual harvest took place on April 10, 2008. The grapes were subsequently hung for two months under the roof of our colonial house to dehydrate further. Manual de-stemming.
ColorGolden yellow, brilliant and warm
NoseCitrus aroma, grapefruit and juicy pear with soft scents of ripe apricot.
PalateElegant wine with notes of candied orange peels wrapped with a potpourri of rose petals
AnalysisAlcohol: 12.5 %pH: 3.4RS: 150 g/lTA: 5.84 g/l
Bottle size
375 ml
Serving SuggestionsAs an aperitif with liver goose paté, as a dessert with aged cheese or biscuits.