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Alta Torrontes
RegionSan Juan
Grape Varieties100% Torrontes
Technical SheetCALTORSNVTS-100815.pdf
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  • 87 Points
    International Wine Cellar March 2013
DescriptionBodegas Callia is situated in the Tulum Valley in Argentina's province of San Juan. It is nestled between the Pie de Palo hills to the north and the Cerro Chico Del Zonsa to the south. Two fincas (estates) encompass 300 hectares of land: Finca Pie de Palo and Finca 9 De Julio. At 2,133 feet above sea level, the area is blessed by temperate climate, low rainfall and rich sandy alluvial and clay loam soil; the result is intense and fruity wines that reflect the rich terroir of this region. Born from passion and legend, Bodegas Callia is named for a young woman who arrived in the province of San Juan many years ago. She wrote to her family describing San Juan as paradise endowed with abundant fruits despite the desert landscape. Her name was Callia and today, for the people of Argentina, Callia is synonymous with hope, endurance and success. Bodegas Callia celebrates the spirit of this illustrious woman. The winery's goal is to produce the best wines in San Juan and the best Shiraz in Argentina. Along with creating quality wines, they continue to respect and support the people, nature and community from which their wines are created.
VinificationGrapes are crushed and destemmed immediately after harvest to preserve freshness and fruit character. The juice undergoes a cold maceration for 8 hours at 43°F before the skins and lees are removed.
ColorBright lemon
NoseDelicate aromas of oranges and white flowers
PalateRefreshing notes of citrus fruits, grapefruit and lemon. Perfectly balanced.
AnalysisAlcohol: 13.7 %pH: 3.32RS: 3.95TA: 6.05
Serving SuggestionsPairs well with grilled 4 sushi, pork chop, white pizzas, and spicy Asian cuisine.