Marquis de la Tour
Marquis de la Tour
Marquis de la Tour

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The Loire Valley has often been called the “garden of France.” This pastoral landscape, with its gently rolling hills and majestic châteaux, also happens to be the largest sparkling wine region in France, outside of Champagne.

One of the best known names in fine Loire Valley sparkling wines is Marquis de la Tour from Rémy Pannier. Rémy Pannier, which has been identified with premium quality Loire Valley wines since 1885, is the Loire Valley’s single largest wine producer, with markets in over 40 countries worldwide. Approximately one third of production at Rémy Pannier is devoted to the internationally popular Marquis de la Tour range of sparkling wines.

Marquis de la Tour sparkling wines have been welcome guests and the toast of the party at social gatherings and family celebrations, both formal and casual, around the world. Handsome packaging projects a timeless, classic elegance, aptly reflecting the quality of wines. These are charming and affordably priced sparkling wines, a perfect party toast or reception aperitif.

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