Los Amantes Mezcal
Los Amantes Mezcal


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Los Amantes mezcal is an artisanal spirit made from 100% agave grown in Oaxaca [wah-ha-cah], Mexico’s premium mezcal region. Traditional underground pit-smoking and triple distillation gives our mezcal exceptional smoothness and complexity. Because of its unique and exquisite character, mezcal is compared with the finest spirits of the world.

Los Amantes translates to “The Lovers” and it is named for an ancient Aztec legend, the Legend of Mayahuel, which describes the origins of mezcal.

Los Amantes Joven and Los Amantes Reposado are the result of Guillermo Olguín and Ignacio Carballido’s exhaustive search of unique mezcals from small villages around the Oaxaca region. It is considered to be one of the best mezcals from Oaxaca, carrying the COMERCAM certification which guarantees commitment to quality and flavor through the use of traditional production methods and 100% agave.

Los Amantes Mezcal is locally produced of 100% Agave in Oaxaca, Mexico by families or small distilleries, commonly known as ‘palanqueros’.

The piña, or heart, which takes 8 years to mature, is extracted from the agave plant and then cooked for 3 days in conical pits underground, giving it an intense and distinctive smoky flavor.

The piñas are then crushed and left to ferment in barrels. Distillation takes place in copper pots, which can affect the final flavor. The resulting liquid (mezcal) is aged in new American oak for 6 months.

Sultry layers of smoke, clove and vanilla are deftly interlaced with citrus nuances.

Tasting Notes
Earthy, smoky flavors, soft sweet and warm.


Serving Suggestions
A revelation as an exotic cocktail ingredient or enjoyed the Oaxacan way - sip it, don’t shoot it.

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