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Cinzano Vermouth
Cinzano Vermouth

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Cinzano Vermouth is one of the most iconic names in the industry, producing some of the finest Italian vermouths for more than 250 years.

First created in 1757 by Giovani Cinzano, the vermouth is a combination of Italian red or white wines, sugar, alcohol, and a closely guarded combination of herbaceous and floral elements. Each expression of the Cinzano Vermouth range includes its own proprietary recipe of herbs and spices that include such ingredients as-corriander, orange peel, juniper, cloves, nutmeg, and even absinthe.

The Cinzano Vermouth line includes: an Extra Dry, perfect for pairing with a martini or classic cocktail; Bianco, designed to be had as the primary spirit in the cocktail or neat on the rocks; and a Rosso (sweet vermouth), that offers a great flavor profile to be incorporated into a great many of the classic and pre-prohibition style cocktails being made today.

Cinzano Bianco: A fragrant, full-bodied flavor profile and nose, with a mild note of herbaceous finish on the palate. The Bianco is a bit sweeter than the dry and offers great versatility.

Cinzano Rosso: Filled with deep red fruit notes combined with mild herbaceous notes, the flavor profile offers a perfect balance of herbs and spices with sweetness. The Rosso expression is a great addition to traditional cocktails such as the Old Fashioned or even into more contemporary cocktails.

Cinzano Extra Dry: A traditional, dry flavor profile combining the essence of the white grape base with very distinctive floral notes and light citrus. Perfect for pairing with traditional dry martini recipes.


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