February 14, 2017

Seductive Foods & Wine Pairings


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought we’d focus on pleasure and offer some suggestions to help get in a romantic mood. Not surprisingly, food and wine have always been linked with desire, whether due to aroma, color, shape or the actual chemical compounds found within, people have touted the power of aphrodisiac foods since the beginning of time. So why not give it a try? At the very least you’ll impress your sweetie with your cooking skills and, hey, you might just get lucky! 


1. Watermelon




Surprised? Turns out watermelon contains high levels of lycopene, a compound with numerous health benefits – increased circulation among them-wink, wink! Consider starting the evening with a watermelon salad paired with a bright and succulent fruit-forward rosé. Try Planeta Rosé, Jean-Luc Colombo Cape Bleue Rosé or Faustino VII Rosado. 


2. Oysters



High levels of fertility-promoting zinc and certain amino acids that trigger the production of sex hormones are thought to give oysters their aphrodisiac power but the hands on way in which they’re consumed certainly adds to the allure! Pair them with a glass of Ferrari Brut, Lunetta Prosecco or Pere Ventura Tresor Brut Reserva for a guaranteed homerun!


3. Chili Peppers




Their vibrant red color and ability to increase heart rate and induce sweating should bring other activities to mind. And, because nothing complements a little heat like a touch of sweetness, consider pairing with SA Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese or Blue Fish Sweet Riesling.


4. Garlic




Best known for its strong odor, garlic might not be the first ingredient you reach for when preparing a romantic meal, but keep in mind that its potency tends to rub off on the men who consume it… Packed full of Allicin, garlic increases blood flow to various “vital” organs. Dishes with fresh garlic pair nicely with citrus flavors in whites like Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc or Au Contraire Chardonnay while stewed garlic is well-matched with full-bodied reds like Salentein Reserve Malbec.


5. Figs




There is an abundance of classical, biblical and poetic references pointing to the sexy nature of this forbidden fruit. Tied primarily to its voluptuous shape and appearance, the fig is best paired with a touch of imagination and an aromatic white like Bottega Vinaia Gerwürztraminer or Jean-Luc Colombo Viognier La Violette.


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