January 1, 2015

New Year New Wine

Okay, so, it’s the beginning of a bright, shiny new year and you’re filled with ambition. Obviously, we will all lose ten pounds, increase our 401k contributions and finally master Chinese. But in addition to those very admirable goals, why not add one that’ll be easier (and more fun) to keep?

The world of wine is vast, and with new styles and regions emerging constantly it can be a little overwhelming.  You may be tempted to stick to what you know - tried and true bottles with easily pronounceable names, but remember if you don’t explore you’ll be missing out on a lot of incredible grape juice! 


Here are five delicious reasons you should resolve to drink more adventurously in 2015:


1. Portuguese Wine



Portugal’s table wines remain competitively priced while winning top accolades from the critics. So what if you can’t say, “Touriga Nacional?” Just say, “Yes, please!”  Try Domini and Domini Plus


2. Sherry



Simply too good to ignore, Sherry ranges from uber-dry styles to the lusciously sweet and is a fantastic food wine. Forget mastering the inner workings of the solera system and just pour yourself a glass!  Try Dry Sack Medium and Dry Sack Fino


3. Israeli Wine



Memories of overly sweet, syrupy wines served at the Passover Seder? Forget them! Israel is producing expertly crafted, elegant wines expressive of their Mediterranean terroir.  Try Recanati Cabernet Sauvignonand Recanati Reserve Petite Sirah


4. German Wine



Germany may be best known for Oktoberfest and beer but it also produces stunning, accessible wines.  Sure, words like “Trockenbeerenauslese” don’t exactly roll off the tongue but they will be pleasing to the palate! Try S.A. Prüm Blue Riesling Kabinett and Blue Fish Sweet Riesling


5. Wines of Chile











A powerful sun, 2,500 miles of coastline and the Andes Mountains make Chile one of the most diverse wine producing countries in the world.  No need to memorize all of its geographical and climactic variations to enjoy a glass!  Try MontGras Carmenere Reserva, Santa Rita Secret Reserve and Terra Andina Sauvignon Blanc


If you’re interested in purchasing the wines suggested above, visit or to find a retailer near you.