September 1, 2016

How To Wear & Drink White After Labor Day

In the fashion world, rules against wearing white after Labor Day no longer apply. Today, runways are dominated by whites in every season and stylists agree time of year is beside the point; weight and pairing are what’s important. As ads for pumpkin spice lattes begin to fill our social feeds, oenophiles may question whether the time has come to abandon the white wine section in favor of a more appropriate beverage. The answer is a resounding, NO! Take a cue from the fashonistas and make seasonal drinking a thing of the past! Not unlike the white you wear, the white you drink isn’t restricted by time of year, as long as weight and pairing are considered. Below is a guide to help you wear and drink white all year long!


White Midi Dress + Planeta Carricante



The white midi dress and Planeta Carricante both exude a sense of sophistication. The dress’s three-quarter length sleeves and  below the knee hemline will keep you from shivering on a chilly fall evening while this Planeta’s delightful mineral freshness and notes of green apple, white flowers and wild honey will help you transition from your favorite beach wine to a slightly weightier white. Pair with ankle boots, pork sausage and aged cheeses.

White Blazer + S.A. Prüm Essence Riesling



S.A. Prüm Essence Riesling is as versatile at the table as a white blazer will be in your wardrobe! Enjoy a glass of Essence Riesling on its own, paired with seafood, or get creative and contrast its fresh fruit flavors with spicy fare. Similarly, a white blazer will stand out against a back drop of darker fall tones, or create a look of uniformity when paired with winter whites or neutral colors.


White Button Down + Alta Luna Sauvignon Blanc



Nothing is as timeless as a well-pressed white button down; expect perhaps a crisp glass of Alta Luna Sauvignon Blanc! Invigorate your ensemble and your lunch by incorporating freshness. A classic white button down can add lightness when layered with heavier fall fabrics the same way Alta Luna’s lime, green apple and peach flavors will refresh the palate during those upcoming multi-course holiday meals!


White Watch + Williams & Humbert Pando Fino Sherry



Want to make a statement? Serve Willams & Humbert’s Pando Fino Sherry as an aperitif at your next dinner party. Your guests will be floored by your undeniable hipness while they contemplate Pando’s lingering flavors of yeast and almond! Make the evening even more memorable by strapping on an eye-catching white watch. An unexpected, bold pop of white against the last traces of your sun-kissed skin will definitely spark conversation from admirers! Added bonus:  you can easily note which guests arrive fashionably late.


White Accent Scarf + Lunetta Prosecco



Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! The key to any great outfit or meal is in the details. Adding a white accent scarf to shades of grey, plum and navy will bring a touch of playfulness to autumn tones. Whimsy is not reserved solely for summer fashions and the same can be said for the dinner table! Lunetta Prosecco’s effervescence, crisp fruit flavors and clean finish will enhance heartier fall recipes like butternut squash soup and creamy pumpkin risotto, balancing their richer textures and bringing out notes of sweetness. 


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