July 1, 2015

Books & Booze Ideal Pairings For Your Summer Reading List!

Summer vacation is the perfect time to catch-up on your drinking, er, reading, I meant catch-up on your reading!  There are as many books to choose from as there are wines and spirits to explore, so, we thought it would be fun to pair some of this summer’s hottest reads with a few plot enhancing beverages. To those of you who proudly have more books than friends, this one’s for you!


Tom Clancy Under Fire, by Grant BlackwoodSRSRBooks

Author Grant Blackwood continues the late Tom Clancy’s series based on Jack Ryan Jr., a James Bond-esque character who miraculously escapes even the most daunting of circumstances. Enjoy a glass of Santa Rita Secret Reserve, a Chilean red blend inspired by mystery, while you delight in the novel’s many twists and turns. Every espionage thriller holds its secrets; every glass of Santa Rita does too!


The Girl on the Train, by Paula HawkinsDarnleysViewBooks

Set in the suburbs of London, The Girl on the Train is a page turner from the start! Follow Rachel, a divorcée who idealizes a seemingly perfect couple she observes from the window of her daily commuter train until she witnesses a glimpse of something shocking! As she works to piece together what she’s seen, she further muddies her recollections by sipping Sauvignon Blanc and Gin Tonics.  We suggest setting the mood with a much more moderate taste of Alta Luna Sauvignon Blanc orDarnley’s View London Dry Gin.


The Rumor, by Elin HilderbrandJLCBooks

Two best friends struggle to silence damaging gossip that’s threatening their perfect marriages and families, but will the truth prove to be worse than the rumors? The scandal unfolds during an idyllic summer in Nantucket and just screams for a glass of rosé!  Pair with Jean-Luc Colombo Cape Bleue  or Planeta Rosé




Grey, by E. L. JamesCalliaBooks

The much anticipated fourth installment of the Fifty Shades of Greyseries was released on June 18th and with the previous books’ 125 million copies sold; we can safely consider this series a hit! The re-telling of the original story from the male protagonist’s point of view would pair perfectly with Callia Bella - a ripe red Argentine blend with a touch of sweetness. Or, channel your inner Christian Grey while sipping on a glass of Peat Chimney – a smoky, contemplative blend of single malt whiskies.



The President’s Shadow, by Brad MeltzerPhillipBooks

A member of the Culper Ring, a 200-year old secret society, discovers a severed arm and secret message buried in the White House Rose Garden, the contents of which could have potentially devastating repercussions on the Presidency. Filippo Mazzei, ancestor of the Tuscan winemaking family, was no stranger to the White House either! He planted vineyards at Monticello and his writings on equality were incorporated into the Declaration of Independence, making his namesake wine, Philip, the clear choice to pair with this political thriller! 


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