December 12, 2016

What’s your sparkling wine personality?

Gone are the days that require a special occasion to pop a bottle of bubbly! The popularity of sparkling wines has skyrocketed and there is no shortage of options. While you can pick a bottle based on region, style or grape preference, why not go for a bottle that best reflects your sparkling personality? Check out the infographic below to find out which sparkling wine best aligns with your personality.


What’s your sparkling wine personality?


BottegaBottega Liquid Metals

A birthday celebration at a rooftop bar with bottle service shows that you are no stranger to moments of indulgence. A high-roller at heart, glitz and glam is your forte. A bottle of Bottega is the perfect addition to your fairy-tale lifestyle.






Your lively and enticing aura naturally adds sparkle to every day moments. Just like a bottle of Lunetta, you have the ability to effortlessly transform every occasion into something special. Raise a glass of Lunetta to all the little things in life.






Dreaming of clinking glasses with George Clooney? Cheers to that! You are keen on the prestige art of living and have an appreciation for all things timeless and classic. Ferrari is best shared with your most cherished friends and family.





ChicChic Barcelona

Your cosmopolitan nature draws you to unique, vibrant, and creative experiences. You are likely to be found sharing a bottle of Chic Barcelona with friends you made at an art gallery opening.







Your undeniable charisma stems from a perfect balance between sweet and sassy. A total social butterfly, you always seem to be the center of attention. Similar to a bottle of Roscato…they just can’t stop talking about you!