Arrogant Frog by Jean-Claude Mas
Arrogant Frog by Jean-Claude Mas
Arrogant Frog by Jean-Claude Mas

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Arrogant Frog is a line of estate-bottled wines from the Languedoc region of southern France. Like its creator, winemaker Jean-Claude Mas (aka the Humble Vintner), this wine is proud to assert its Mediterranean origin.

Though typically French, Arrogant Frog leaps out of the glass with New World panache and élan. Intense, fruit-driven aromas lead to a suave, seductive, sophisticated palate. Quality is sealed with a dependable screw cap, designed to preserve freshness and youthful appeal. Arrogant Frog delivers exceptional quality for the price and is confident of its ability to impress!

Over the centuries, generations of the Mas family have tended vineyards and made wine in the Languedoc. Vines were first planted here under the ancient Greeks, more than 500 years before Christ. Despite their great age these vineyards have lost none of their vibrancy and refined charm.

Arrogant Frog is a versatile wine sure to add a superior edge and welcome dose of joie de vivre to your dining experience, whether it’s a family barbecue or an elegant dinner party.

Try a taste and discover what a prince this Frog can be!

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