Alta Luna
Alta Luna
Alta Luna

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Alta Luna enters the premium segment of quality-driven wines, reflecting a strong sense of place and style. Produced in Northern Italy’s Dolomiti IGT from select hillside vineyard sites, Alta Luna offers a trio of wines that appeal to a wide range of consumer preferences. Alta Luna, meaning High Moon, presents itself in a sleek and modern package, featuring a die-cut depiction of the Dolomite Alps, generating consumer enthusiasm, while keeping one foot firmly planted in the Cavit tradition.

The Alta Luna vineyards are situated in the hills and along the foothills of the Adige Valley, bordering Trentino and Alto Adige, in the town of Roverč delle Luna. Only select sites from high-altitude vineyards with ideal aspects are used. The unique glacial-alluvial soils, rich in texture and well-drained are just the beginning. The climate in this region makes all the difference. Northern Trentino enjoys classically warm temperatures in the summer, helping in the development of ripe concentrated fruit and elegant aromatics, while the cool evenings maintain the fruit’s acidity, resulting in wines that are refreshing and very well balanced.

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